Alarm Monitoring Station

Alarm monitoring station

AMS, has been established in 1996 to serve and control Security Systems
7 days / 24 hours, and to inform concerning third parties ( police department, fire brigade, member in charge, etc.)

In 1999, it has been controlled by the police department and has been recognised officially.

AMS still operates with over 5000 subscribers, developing its facilities everyday and controls Security Systems’ ;

  • Technical controls ( phone lines, accumulator, etc.)
  • On/Off hours and user controls
  • Intruder, panic, fire, gas, emergency health cases with computers real-time

AMS filters false alarms, and if there is an occasion, informs the member with the special computer program systems. Also, reports the data transferred to the member monthly.

In case of an error or an energy failure occured in the system, AMS is powered with back-up units, digital voice-record machines so AMS continues working with generators and back-up power systems. Alarm Monitoring Station Schema